5 Amazing Things to Do in Tongyeong : South Korea

Things to do in Tongyeong. Tongyeong, located on the south coast of South Korea between Busan and Changwon is a popular place for local and foreign tourists. Situated on a peninsula, it is comprised of mountains and ocean and is part of the Hallyeohaesang National Park.

As it is situated in such a privileged location, it is not only scenic, but also has a wide variety of things to do. So in this article, I will highlight just 5 Amazing things to do in Tongyeong.

Night view of Tongyeong
Night view of Tongyeong

5 Amazing Things to Do in Tongyeong

1. Watch Sunrise and Sunset

The 1st thing to do in Tongyeong is watch sunrise and sunset. As Tongyeong is located on a peninsula facing Southward, it means that there are many locations from which to view sunrise and sunset. Also, because there are many mountains and hills, they are perfect locations to get up high and watch the sunlight over the city.

Sunrise from Bokporu
Sunrise seen from Bokporu

With so many good locations around Tongyeong, we decided to write a seperate article on the 5 Best Spots for Sunrise and Sunset in Tongyeong. Check it out by clicking on the link below:

As you can see in the photos, Tongyeong is a beautiful place to catch both sunrise and sunset.

Sunset in Tongyeong
Sunset in Tongyeong

2. Ride the Tongyeong Cable Car on Mireuksan

Tongyeong Cable Car
Tongyeong Cable Car

*Note that the cable car is closed for improvements, safety inspection, and construction from August 17th to October 15th. We will update here if we hear anything different or notice any changes to that schedule.

The 2nd thing to do in Tongyeong is ride the cable car on Mireuksan. The Tongyeong Cable Car is likely the number one thing tourists go to when they visit Tongyeong and for good reason. Mireuksan is 461 meters high and the view from the top is not to be missed as you get commanding views of the ocean and islands located in the Hallyeo Haesang National Park.

Tongyeong View from Mireuksan
Tongyeong View from Mireuksan

The entrance to the Cable Car is quite easy to find from the center of Tongyeong, as you can mostly just follow the signs on the road for Mireuksan Cable Car. For reference, Mireuksan is located on Mireukdo and you can find the map below for the parking lot of the Tongyeong Cable Car.

Once you reach the parking lot, it’s a short walk to the ticket booth where you can buy your ticket for the Cable Car. Ticket prices are below:

Adults Round Trip: 14,000KRW
Adults One Way: 10,000KRW

Children Round Trip: 10,000KRW
Children One Way: 8000KRW

There are slight discounts if you come as a group of 20 or more and also discounts if you are a tongyeong resident.

You can purchase tickets in advance from the website here.

Also, depending on the season, the hours for being able to ride the cable car change, but it usually stops running around sunset time and starts in the morning around 9 to 10am. It’s best to check the website listed above though as they will notify of closures due to weather, maintenance, etc and also provide the hours of operation for that day.

After you purchase your tickets, it’s then an easy walk to the cable car gondolas and the trip up the mountain. It is said that the Tongyeong Cable Car is one of the longest cable cars in Korea at nearly 2km long.

Once you reach the top, there is a great viewing deck, a cafe, and also the Tongyeong Skywalk which juts out from the main viewing deck,is made of glass and is a great photo taking zone to impress your friends.

Tongyeong Skywalk
Tongyeong Skywalk

If you want to reach the summit of Mireuksan and reach some more viewing decks, it is best to follow the signs from the cable car area and go from there. There are well maintained wooden stairs and walkways to the summit and viewing decks along the way. In total, it shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes to reach the summit from where the cable car drops you off.

I highly recommend going to the summit as the viewing decks and summit itself are worth the extra effort.

Mireuksan Summit View
Summit view from Mireuksan

If you don’t feel like paying to ride the cable car, there are many hiking paths as well which can take you to the summit as well, so that is always an option. Also, near the same complex as the cable car there is also the Tongyeong Luge and an Adventure Park as well. I didn’t get to experience those yet, however, those are also very popular for tourists coming to the city.

3. Visit Seopirang and Dongpirang

Seopirang Art Sculpture
Seopirang Art Sculpture

The 3rd thing to do in Tongyeong is take a visit to Seopirang and Dongpirang. Seopirang and Dongpirang are two parts of town that have been converted into tourist areas with murals, coffeeshops and more sightseeing opportunities.

Dongpirang Mural VIllage
Dongpirang Mural Village

In both areas it’s nice to just walk around, gaze at the beautiful murals, stop at a coffeeshop and have a relaxed time. For both areas, there are also great viewing spots to take in the scenery. In Dongpirang, you have Dongporu and in Seopirang you have Seoporu. Both of these are small hills that in the past were signal stations to notify of danger.


In Seopirang, there are two special areas that you will want to visit. One is the 99 stairs which is pretty self explanatory and the piano stairs. The piano stairs are stairs that play like a piano. There are sensors on the side and when you step, it makes a piano note. So as you go up and down the stairs, it’s like if you were walking on specific piano keys. It’s a fun area for kids and adults alike.

Piano Stairs at Seopirang, Tongyeong

To get to Dongpirang is quite easy as it’s near the fish market and downtown as you can see in the map below.

For Seopirang, it’s possible to walk there from Dongpirang as it’s not too far away as you can see where it is in the map below.

In both areas, there are many restaurants and cafe’s you will want to go to. I haven’t had much opportunity to check as many places out as I wanted to, however I can recommend a fusion burger place really close to Dongpirang Mural Village.

The place is called 동피랑이교네 and what makes it unique is that their hamburger patties aren’t made of beef, but are made from oyster, abalone, or scallops. With Tongyeong being an oceanside city, it’s great to have a fusion burger made with fresh seafood.

Delicious Seafood Burgers in Tongyeong
Delicious seafood burgers in Tongyeong

They are quite delicious and well priced. You can find them really close to the seafood market and can see where exactly on the map below:

4. Experience another World at Dipirang

The 4th thing to do in Tongyeong is to have the other worldly experience at Dipirang. Dipirang is a relatively new experience/tourist spot in Tongyeong and it is well worth the time and visit.

DIpirang in Tongyeong
Dipirang in Tongyeong

Dipirang during the day time is just a normal hiking path at the top of Nammangsan Mountain and near the Tongyeong Citizen Culture Hall. However, at night the hiking path and surrounding turn into another world through an interactive multimedia and lighting show.

Multimedia Projections at Dipirang
Multimedia Projections at Dipirang

It transforms into a different world through the use of projectors, lighting, audio, and interactive sections where you can control various displays.

The whole course to walk around can take more than an hour depending on how long you want to enjoy each section. It can get really busy in peak times as only a certain amount of people are allowed through at any given time so you can maximize your time, so it’s recommended to book in advance or go during the week. Below are the costs and details on booking:

Adults: 15,000KRW
Youth (13-18yrs): 12,000KRW
Children (6-12yrs): 10,000KRW

If you want to book your tickets in advance, you can on their website at http://dpirang.com/ticket/#guide (Korean Language Only).

To get there, you can check out the map below:

Please note that the hours of operation change depending on the season and when it gets dark.

5. Go Island Hopping

The 5th thing to do in Tongyeong is to go Island Hopping. If you are going to make the trip to Tongyeong, then Island hopping is a must. Tongyeong is located within the Hallyeohaesang National Park and there are many islands to explore that are only short ferry rides away. I have yet to visit most of them, but will list some of the most popular and well known islands for tourists to visit:

Maemuldo and Somaemuldo – This island is one of the islands that is further away from Tongyeong, but has incredible scenery. The view of Seomaemuldo from Maemuldo is the highlight and not to be missed. This trip can easily be done in a day.

Bijindo – With beautiful sandy beaches, this island is a popular spot during the summer and the clear waters draw lots of visitors. There is some small hiking on the island and in general the island is quite small. With a few restaurants and pensions, you can book a night here or even camp.

Saryangdo – This island is most famous for hiking. The peaks are quite rocky and narrow and there are some bridges that connect the peaks as well which make this hiking exciting and fun. The views from the top aren’t to be missed and is considered not an easy hike.

Yukjido – This island has gotten more famous in recent years and there is now a monorail built on the island that has become very popular due to the beautiful ocean views.

So as you can see, even with just listing a few of the many many islands around Tongyeong, that it’s a good idea to book a trip to one of them during your trip to Tongyeong. Hopefully in the future I will write an article or two about the islands above to give you more insight into them.

Where to Stay in Tongyeong

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links through booking.com and agoda.com, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

If you are looking for somewhere to stay in Tongyeong, you don’t need to worry. There are plenty of places to stay both in the city center and countryside. There are options from hostels to 5 star hotels. There are also spa pensions, beach side pensions and more. You can search through some of the options by using the agoda.com search box down below.

Hopefully through this article, you have seen just a little bit about what Tongyeong can provide for a vacation. If that’s not enough thoug, check out our other page about Geoje which is right next door to Tongyeong and offers a lot to do as well: 5 Amazing Things to do in Geoje: South Korea