Top 5 Incredible Things to do in Danyang : South Korea

Danyang South Korea is an area rich in natural scenery and plenty of things to do as a tourist. Located near the central part of the country, it is deep in the mountains and located near Cheongpung Lake and the Namhan River.

In this article, we are going to explore 5 incredible things to do in and near Danyang.

Top 5 Incredible Things to do in Danyang : South Korea

1. Ride the Cheongpung Cable Car

Things to do in Danyang : CheongPung Cable Car
Cheongpung Cable Car

The first thing on our top 5 Incredible Things to do in Danyang List in the Cheongpung Cable Car. While this is technically not in Danyang, it’s worth the list as it’s a close drive from there. This cable car is technically in Jecheon, but is around a 30 minute drive from Danyang and is worth the trip if you are visiting Danyang.

Cheongpung Cable Car Views
View from the top at Bibong Mountain

The Cable Car goes for a total of 2.3km from near the lakeside up to the peak of Bibongsan. Bibongsan is over 500 meters high and has a commanding 360 degree view from the top. The views of the surrounding mountains and lakeside are incredible.

Views from the Cheongpung Cable Car
Views from the top of the Cheongpung Cable Car

At the top, there are various facilities to make the trip more worthwhile. There are small hiking paths from the top, photo zones, and a restaurant and cafe too.

Cheongpung Cable Car Views
One of the photo zones you can walk to from the summit

It can get busy on weekends, so you can always reserve in advance, by booking through the website below. The website below is also a good place to check the current operating hours and ticket prices. Do note, that under certain weather conditions and maintenance that the cable car may close for a period of time.

Cheongpung Cable Car Summit
Nice open area at the top of the mountain

If you don’t feel like riding the cable car, there is also a monorail that goes to the top that you can find more information about at the website listed below.

Cable Car Website:

2. Hike up Oksunbong and Godambong

Oksunbong Summit
Oksunbong Summit

The 2nd incredible thing to do in Danyang is to hike up the dual peaks of Oksunbong and Godambong. These two peaks are connected by a ridge and are just a short drive outside of Danyang along the southern edge of Cheongpung Lake.

Views from Oksunbong
Oksunbong Views

These two peaks aren’t the easiest peaks to climb, but they aren’t the hardest either. They are popular to climb though because of the views over Cheongpung Lake and the surrounding mountains. Especially in the fall time, these peaks become really popular for those who want to see the fall colors.

From Oksunbong, you have a nice view of the bridge that crosses the lake and these days there is a suspension bridge that has become really popular that connects the base of Oksunbong to an area near the main bridge crossing the lake.

On the Trail to Godambong
On the Trail to Godambong

To get to Oksunbong and Godambong, check out the map below for the parking lot where you can park for a small fee (less than 5000krw). In peak season though, this parking lot may become full in which case you would need to find somewhere else or wait for a spot to open up.

Views of Rocky Peaks around Godambong.
View of Rocky Peaks around Godambong

The trail up to the top is straightforward and can follow the signs for each peak. The first part of the trail is shared between the peaks and then it comes to a T. At the T, if you go left, you will reach Oksunbong and if you go right, it will take you to Godambong. To do both peaks, anticipate at least a few hours of hiking.

3. Go Paragliding

The 3rd on the Top 5 Incredible Things to do in Danyang list is to go Paragliding. If you’ve never gone paragliding before, it’s an exciting thrill and with the help of a good company and guide to take you tandem, it will be an experience you won’t forget.

Since Danyang is surrounded by mountains, there are multiple spots to go paragliding from and numerous companies in the city that can take you for a paragliding trip.

For foreigners who want to go with an english speaking pilot, I would highly recommend Paraman Cho who you can find on facebook which I’ll link below.

For the trip, they provide all the safety equipment and will drive you to the top of the mountain. After a little bit of training on how to take off, you will run off the mountain tandem with the guide and then will be on an exhilarating flight time of 5-10 minutes depending on the air conditions. During the flight, if you want, your guide can do some exciting spins in the air and other things to make the flight even more exciting.

As for the price, if you include the video, it usually comes out to a bit less than $100.

Here is the facebook link to Paraman Cho’s profile. You can contact him through facebook messenger:

Check out the video below of my own flight I took with Paraman Cho quite a few years ago:

4. Visit the Mancheongha Skywalk

Mancheongha Skywalk in Danyang
At the top of the Mancheongha Skywalk in Danyang

The 4th thing on the Top 5 Incredible Things to do in Danyang is to visit the Mancheongha Skywalk.

The Mancheongha Skywalk is an egg-shaped observatory located at the top of a hill in the city of Danyang. The 360 degree views from the skywalk are amazing.

Danyang Mancheongha Skywalk
Danyang Mancheongha Skywalk

During the peak times, you need to take a shuttle bus from the bottom of the hill to take you to the observatory. Other times though, you can drive yourself to the top.

From the top, there are incredible views of the Namhan River and all the different mountain peaks surrounding the city. The skywalk also has ziplines and an alpine coaster. At the top, there are also cafe facilities.

Stunning Views from the Danyang Mancheongha Skywalk

The cost is quite reasonable for the skywalk (less than 5,000KRW). You can find the cost and operating hours at the website here:

On the map below, you can find where the skywalk parking lot and ticket booth is located:

5. Check out Dodamsambong Peaks

Dodamsambong Peaks in South Korea
Dodamsambong Peaks in Danyang

The 5th and final thing on our Top 5 Incredible things to do in Danyang is to check out Dodamsambong Peaks.

These 3 stone peaks that jut out of the Namhan River are a sight to behold and in any season they look stunning. In summer, there are river cruises you take that will take you near the rocks and there is a musical fountain that operates in the warmer seasons.

Views near Dodamsambong Peaks in Danyang
Views near the Dodamsambong Peaks in Danyang

It is said, according to that “the peaks are said to represent an angry wife turning away from her husband who has taken a concubine in order to secure a male heir.”

Dodamsambong Peaks, Danyang
Dodamsambong Peaks

It is free to visit and there is a large parking lot if you are coming by car. Check out the map below for the exact location of the parking lot.

Where to Stay in Danyang

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There are many places to stay in Danyang since it is a popular tourist destination. From nice hotels to pensions to hostels, there are options for everyone. Feel free to use our agoda search box below to look for a place to stay during your next trip to Danyang.

So there you have the Top 5 Incredible things to do in Danyang. Outside of these 5, there are many other things to do in Danyang that I haven’t covered here like visiting Guinsa Temple, checking out Sainam rock or even visiting a cave near the city. There is so much to do in this region and highly recommend adding it to any itinerary for a trip to or within South Korea.

As always, if you have any questions or comments please let us know below.