Top Things to do in Sacheon: South Korea

Sacheon, located on the south coast of South Korea between the cities of Yeosu and Tongyeong is yet another gem that should be visited.

Although not quite as popular as its neighbors to the east and west, it is still a city with many things to do and see.

Especially these days, it’s becoming more popular and the tourist infrastructure is getting better as well. Through this travel article, we will highlight just a few of our recommendations on things to do in Sacheon.

Top Things to do in Sacheon

1. Cherry Blossom Viewing

The first thing on our Top Things to do in Sacheon list is to check out the beautiful Cherry Blossoms. If you happen to be lucky enough to travel here during the spring and more particularly during mid to late march, you are in for a treat as the city of Sacheon has some amazing Cherry Blossoms viewing locations.

Seonjin Park

Cherry Blossoms in Sacheon
Cherry Blossoms at Seonjin Park in Sacheon

The first cherry blossom viewing location is Seonjin Park (also known as Seonjinrisang or Seonjin-ri Fortress). This park is located right by the coast and is easy to access. This park is known as a cultural asset of Gyeongnam province due to its cultural significance as a fortress in the past.

Fortress wall at Seonjin Park in Sacheon
Part of the fortress wall at Seonjin Park in Sacheon

The best thing about Seonjin Park is that there are hundreds of Cherry trees lined up all throughout the park with nice seating areas and walking paths. So when the cherry blossoms are at their peak, it’s a fantastic place to take photos, enjoy a picnic or learn more about the cultural significance of this park through the various statues and signs placed throughout the park detailing its history.

Beautiful Cherry Blossoms in Seonjin Park, Sacheon
Beautiful Cherry Blossoms all throughout the Park

Also, outside the park, there are numerous roads which are lined with cherry trees, that when in full bloom, create cherry blossom tunnels that are great to photograph as well.

Cherry blossom tunnel near Seonjin Park
Cherry Blossom tunnel road near Seonjin Park

Because this is such a popular place in the spring time, it is recommended to come here during the week if possible and to visit in the morning or evening when there aren’t as many people. Personally, those are our favorite times to take photos any way due to the indirect light.

Below is a map of where Seonjin park is located:

Mochung Park

Cherry Blossoms at Mochung Park, in Sacheon
Cherry Blossoms at Mochung Park in Sacheon

The second cherry blossom viewing location in Sacheon we would recommend is Mochung Park. This is another park located near the ocean and as well have many cherry trees which when in full bloom make the park come to life.

Stunning views of Cherry Blossoms in Mochung Park, Sacheon
Stunning views of Cherry Blossoms at Mochung Park, Sacheon

While this park is a lot smaller than Seonjin Park, it’s still quite beautiful and nice to take a quick walk through. There are some nice seats and walking paths for which to enjoy the nature, so you can spend as little or as much time as you would like here. Personally, if you only have time for one of these parks, we’d recommend Seonjin park but if you have time for both, that’s best.

Road near Mochung Park, Sacheon
Road near Mochung Park, Sacheon

Below is a map of where Mochung Park is located:

2. Ride the Sacheon Cable Car

Second on the list of top things to do in Sacheon is to take a ride on the Sacheon Cable Car. Like Mokpo, Yeosu, Tongyeong, Busan and more, Sacheon as well has a cable car and it’s quite a ride.

View of Sacheon Cable Car.
View of Sacheon Cable Car

The Sacheon Cable Car is unique in the fact that is travels over the water to an island off the coast, then returns and goes up Gaksan mountain to near the summit and the returns to base. In total the ride takes around 20-25 minutes without any stops.

Riding the Sacheon Cable Car.
Heading towards the island on the Sacheon Cable Car

During the time we rode it, it didn’t stop at the island, however in the future it will stop at the island as Sacheon city is building an aquarium there that you can soon visit. It should be opened in the next few months as of writing this article.

The cable car does make a stop at the observatory at the top of Gaksan and it’s recommended to get off and explore the summit area. There are steps that lead to the summit and near the summit there is a great boardwalked observatory looking over the amazing scenery around Sacheon.

Observatory Deck at the top of Gaksan.
Observatory Deck at the top of Gaksan

We highly recommend taking the cable car near sunset time to arrive at the top for sunset and then stay and watch the landscape and bridges light up below you.

*Do note though, the bridges have special lighting only on Friday and Saturday nights, at least as of writing this article. Scenery is still nice during the week, however, it’s best if you can go when you can see the various bridges light up. Below are details on cost and operation time:

Car Type:Adults
(Round Trip)
(One Way)
(Round Trip)
(one way)
Crystal (Glass Bottom)20,000KRW12,000KRW12,000KRW9,000KRW

The times of operation depend on the season and also the day of the week with generally longer operating hours during friday and saturday. It is best to check the times from the Sacheon Cable Car Website here.

3. Watch Sunset at Seaman’s Cafe

The third thing on our Top Things to do in Sacheon list is to watch the Sunset at Seaman’s Cafe along the Silan Coast of Sacheon.

Sunset at Seaman's Cafe in Sacheon
Sunset at Seaman’s Cafe in Sacheon

Sacheon is one of the best places along the south coast to watch the sunset and Seaman’s Cafe is one of the best places to watch it from. This is a floating cafe located just off shore and is connected by a dock. There is a small rocky beach near the cafe where you can easily set up your tripod and get amazing sunset shots with the cafe, ocean and nearby mountains all in one shot.

Sun going down at Seaman's Cafe in Sacheon
Sun going down at Seaman’s Cafe in Sacheon

It’s a near perfect composition and quite easy to get great photos from. Do note that if you plan to take photos here, it is also highly recommended and requested that you buy a drink from the cafe as well. Especially if you are using their parking lot, please also buy a drink from them.

It’s also recommended that if you are shooting with a tripod to stay a little big past sunset as the lights on the cafe and walkway to the cafe make a magical scene just post sunset to about 20 minutes after sunset.

Just after sunset at Seaman's Cafe in Sacheon
Just after Sunset at Seaman’s Cafe in Sacheon

Below is a map to Seaman’s Cafe in Sacheon:

4. Visit Scenic Locations at Daepo Port

Fourth on the list of Top Things to do in Sacheon is to visit the scenic and popular locations at Daepo Port.

Daepo Port in Sacheon
Daepo Port in Sacheon

Daepo port in just the last few years has become a hot place for both photo taking and just enjoying the nature due to 2 additions they recently made. These are a simple sculpture of an outline of a womans face and the rainbow road.

First off, the rainbow road. This is a road the goes by Daepo port and for over a kilometer the guard blocks on the side of the road are painted in different bright pastel colors. For the best photos, early in the day or during the middle of the day would be best to have the colors be their brightest. However, even at sunset time it looks nice.

Sacheon Rainbow Road
Sacheon Rainbow Road

Second is the face of a woman sculpture in Daepo Port. This is a simple sculpture of the outline of a womans face, but the location located at the end of a pier and right by the ocean has made it become a popular instagram and photo spot. If it’s around sunset time, you are likely going to meet a lot of other people here taking pictures as that seems to be the most popular time to go here.

Famous Face sculpture in Sacheon
Famous Face Sculpture in Sacheon

You can find the sculpture from the map below:

5. Go to Namildae Beach

Namildae Beach in Sacheon
Namildae Beach in Sacheon

The final and 5th on the top things to do in Sacheon list is to enjoy the beach at Namildae. This is the main and representative beach in Sacheon and during the summer time it fills up quickly with tourists and locals alike to enjoy the clear waters of the southern ocean.

Clear waters of Namildae Beach

There are a few restaurants nearby and a hotel right by the beach as well. Also, there is a rock on the left side of the beach which is one of the famous locations of Sacheon called Elephant rock due to the shape looking like an elephant’s trunk.

Elephant Rock in Sacheon
A view of Elephant Rock in Sacheon

As written above, the water here is clear, shallow and the sand at the beach is quite fine, so it’s an ideal place to visit during the summer. Please check out the map below for the location of the beach.

Where to Stay in Sacheon

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If you are looking for a place to stay in Sacheon, feel free to use the form below to search for available locations.

A personal recommendation for a place to stay would be Rodem Pension located near Samcheonpo Bridge.

Samcheonpo Bridge night view
Samcheonpo Bridge seen from near Rodem Pension

This pension is beautifully decorated, has great ocean and bridge views, and also has a great cafe. The owner is really friendly and prices are very reasonable.

Bedroom View from Rodem Pension in Sacheon

As with most locations, the prices do increase during peak season and over weekends, but it is still a good deal. The best way to book would be through Naver Booking or to visit their website here.

Hope you enjoyed this article on top things to do in Sacheon and got some ideas for your next trip down to this southern city. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please let us know below.