Daejeon 5 Best Nighttime Viewpoints: South Korea

Daejeon’s Best Nighttime Viewpoints. What are daejeon’s best nighttime viewpoints? The ones listed here are few of my favorites, but there are others, which we may cover in future blog posts.

nighttime viewpoint in daejeon
Nighttime Viewpoint in Daejeon

Daejeon’s Best Nighttime Viewpoints

1 – Daedong Sky Park

Daedong Sky Park
View from Daedong Sky Park

Daedong Sky Park is a small hill not too far from Daejeon station, that has been gaining popularity in recent years among instagrammers, couples, and other people looking for a great view of Daejeon at night. The area around the park has been developing with cafes and small restaurants to cater to the visitors. Some of the cafes have really good views as well.

The easiest way to get there would be to type 대동하늘공원 into a navigation app and drive there yourself. However, if you are in a taxi, you can also ask them 대동하늘공원 가주세요 and they should be able to drive you there quite easily.

Look below for a map of the exact location.

I highly recommend to arrive there around sunset and to hang around at least 20 to 30 minutes after sunset to capture blue hour which is the best time for views at the park.

The viewpoint looks out over most of the city and you can see Gyeryongsan mountain really well in the distance. The Korail towers around the train station are very prominent as well. The video below is a timelapse of sunset from the park.

Sunset from Daedong Sky Park

2 – Sikjangsan

View from the summit of Sikjangsan
Daejeon cityscape from the top of Sikjangsan

Sikjangsan, at an elevation of almost 600 meters located on the east side of the city provides probably the widest view of the city and gives some of the best overview of how the city is situated. A popular spot during the warmer months, it’s no wonder with great views all around. Facing almost dirctly across from Gyeryongsan and with views of Daecheong Lake, there aren’t many places in Daejeon where you can get such a sweeping view.

Recently renovated, the summit of Sikjangsan now has a wooden viewing platform and better facilities for viewing.

The easiest way to get there is by driving or taking a taxi. If you do drive, note that the road up the mountain is quite narrow and if you encounter a car coming down, you may have to give way or back up a bit until you get to a wide enough spot for them to pass. Also, note that the road can be closed during the winter as it often get snow covered and icy.

If not driving or taking a taxi, the other way to get to the top and the viewpoint is by hiking. There are many trails around sikjangsan and numerous trails go to the top. I’d give yourself at least and hour to reach the top. If going there for the night views, don’t forget to bring a head torch or flashlight so you can see on your way down. Check below for the map of Sikjangsan.

3 – Gyejoksan

Gyeojoksan Night View
View from the pavilion at the top of Gyejoksan

Gyejoksan, nicknamed Chicken Foot and around 430m high, is located on the northeast section of Daejeon. There is a old fortress wall, and gyejoksan is also known for a red clay path that goes up the mountain that people walk barefoot. However, the pavilion on Gyejoksan is a bit harder to find.

The pavilion is located on the summit and can be reached by taking various hiking trails. The easiest way I’ve found is by taking the road at Yonghwasa (용화사) and hiking up from there.

Check below for a google map of the peak….however, you can find it better if you search in Naver maps for 계족산.

The views from the top are spectacular as you get great views of the eastern section of Daejeon, the whole way to the western section even up to the Techno Valley Area. Views of Yuseong area and the Expo Park area are also spectacular. When going up at night, be sure you carry a headlamp or flashlight, so you can see on your way down.

4 – Bomunsan

Daejeon from Bomunsan Viewing Deck
Daejeon from Bomunsan Viewing Deck

Bomunsan, on the south southeast side of the city is another prominent peak. While the viewing platform isn’t at the summit, it still has an amazing view at night. It looks down on the Hanwha Eagles baseball stadium and get views the whole way up to expo park and beyond on clear nights.

It’s a popular spot for couples as the facilites there are good and the access to the viewing platform is well lit and easy to get to. There is no real need to carry a headlamp or flashlight if visiting at night.

To get there, the best way is to take a look at the map below and follow whichever hiking path works best for you. The easiest hiking path starts at the Daejeon Aquarium and goes up from there. Check it out on the Naver Map below. If you can’t read the Korean, please post a comment down below and we can help you get there.

지도 크게 보기
2018.12.31 | 지도 크게 보기 ©  NAVER Corp.

5 – Expo Bridge

Expo Bridge nightview with Fireworks.
Expo Bridge Night View with Fireworks

The final location isn’t a mountain, so it quite a bit easier to get to than the rest of the locations I’ve mentioned. Expo Bridge is one of the iconic locations in Daejeon and is easy to find as its one of the only bridges in the city with such prominent arches. At night time, the bridge has an awesome light show and during certain times of the year also has a music fountain like the more famous Banpo Bridge in Seoul. Check out the timelapse below of the bridge around sunset time.

A video of the expo bridge area around Sunset

To get there, you can ask a taxi driver to take you by saying 엑스포대교 가주세요. Or if you would rather take city bus, the 701, 121, and 911 all stop almost in front of the bridge.

What makes this bridge so amazing at night isn’t just the light show, but also the reflections you get in the river and the events that are usually going on in the area. So when you go there, you always feel the pulse of the city and is an exciting, fun part of Daejeon.

Where to stay in Daejeon?

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links through booking.com, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

If you are coming to Daejeon and planning to stay overnight, there are lot of really nice options in the city. Please use the map and search below to check out some of the options. The best places in the city that we recommend for an overnight stay are Yuseong and Dunsandong. Both of those locations are on the map below.


Have you been to any of these locations in Daejeon? What are some of your favorite nighttime spots? Are there others I should cover in a future post? Comment below and let us know!