Logar Valley and Solcava Panoramic Road: Slovenia

Logar Valley and Solcava Panoramic Road. The Logar Valley and Solcava Panoramic Road in the north of Slovenia are an area of immense natural beauty. It’s also an area that doesn’t see quite the same amount of tourists as some of the more popular sites like Lake Bled.

It could be because it’s more difficult to get to, or just doesn’t have the popularity of these other areas because it’s not quite as built up, but I would personally recommend to add this area to your itinerary if you are planning a trip to Slovenia.

Logar Valley and Solcava Panoramic Road
Views from Solcava Panoramic Road in the Logar Valley of Slovenia

Logar Valley

How to Get To Logar Valley

The Logar Valley also known as Logarska Dolina is a valley in the Kamnik Alps and is part of the municipality of Solcava in North Central Slovenia. The Logar Valley is actually considered 3 separate valleys (Logar, Robanov, and Matkov) and all were formed by glaciers and water.

logar valley
The Incredible Logar Valley

For those driving, it’s actually quite easy to get to this part of Slovenia as it’s just a 1.5 to 2 hour drive from Ljubljana and about the same from Lake Bled. A note that there is an entrance fee for cars to enter the Logar Valley of around $7. For bikes and pedestrians, it’s Free.

If you want to get there by public transportation it’s a bit more tricky, but is certainly do-able in the Summer Time. In the summer, coming from Ljubljana, you can first hop on to an early morning train to Celje. Then from Celje there are few buses to Solcava and onwards to Logarska Dolina (Logar Valley). Do note, that these services from Celje only happen during the summer. Outside that season, it’s almost impossible to get public transport to the valley. You can look on the map below for the location of Logar valley in Slovenia.

Logar Valley Accommodations

There aren’t a ton of places to stay in this area, but what you do have a lot of, are tourist farms. These are farms that are still working and when you stay there, you can experience the life in the countryside. These farms typically have delicious food and some make their own cheeses and other food products.

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I was a bit late in booking, so I stayed in Solcava (a 4 bike ride out of Logar Valley) at a place called Guest House and Museum First. It was a beautiful guesthouse with comfortable rooms and delicious food. I was greeted with a delicious welcome drink and the owners were really hospitable with everything. They rent bikes for those who want to explore and can help with travel advice.

logar valley
The beautiful setting of Guest House and Museum First Lodging

What to Do in Logar Valley

The Logar Valley, first and foremost is known for its beautiful nature and quiet atmosphere. Here you won’t find many tourist buses moving around and certainly won’t be bothered by throngs of people. Instead, this is a great place to enjoy the silence and admire the nature around you. After all, this is considered one of the most beautiful valleys in Slovenia, and some even say in Europe.

Slap Waterfall

I didn’t get a chance to go here, however, it’s one of the more popular locations to go to in the Logar Valley. At the end of the road when you reach the parking lot and the asphalt ends, you will find the path to the Slap Waterfall and from there it’s about a 15 minute walk.

Hike the Trails

 There are a lot of trails in this area to enjoy the scenery and just walk around. Take some time out of your day and find some of these trails. If you stop by the Rinka Centre in the town of Solcava, they can provide you with maps and other tourist information.

logar valley road
Road in Logar Valley

Bike the Road

The roads in the valley are well paved and taken care of and so you can explore quickly by biking around. Especially the Solcava Panoramic Road, which I’ll explain about later, is a lot of fun by bike. This way, you can easily stop, take pictures and enjoy the views.

Logar Valley, Slovenia

Solcava Panoramic Road in Logar Valley

The main draw that brought me to the Logar Valley, was the Solcava Panoramic road. On social media, I had seen photos that seemed almost unrealistically idyllic and knew I needed to visit the location. I would later find out, that location was called the Solcava Panoramic road. The whole road is a total of 37km and as long as you are going by car, you could probably do it in one day. However, I was going by bicycle, so I chose to only do the most popular central route which is 21km and had 12 stops and was able to do that in one day.

If you aren’t in a rush though, there are various tourist farms along the route where you can stay and enjoy the slow life of this region and not feel rushed.

Along the Solcava Panoramic Road, there are many viewpoints and points of interest where you will want to stop to take pictures or take a break and learn more about that area. I’ll highlight a few of the places I stopped.

Solcava Panoramic Road Highlights

Church of the Holy Spirit

This church was erected at the end of the 19th century and is in Baroque Style. The views of the church among the Kamnik Alps is stunning and provides great opportunities for photos.

Solcava Panoramic Road
Remarkable Church of the Holy Spirit

Lintver The Dragon

You will see these dragons dotted all around the Solcava Panoramic Road. This dragon has quite the legend and I highly recommend to read up more about the legend here.

Solcava Panoramic Road
A statue of Lintver the Dragon

Klemensek Excursion Farm and Viewpoint 

This viewpoint is stunning and provides a great arial view of the valley floor and beautiful rocky mountains.

solcava panoramic road
Stunning Panoramic Views

It’s one of the most frequently photographed farms in Slovenia and for good reason when you see its location. The farm is really famous for its cured meats, so be sure to stop by for a snack before continuing on.

Solcava Panoramic Road
Klemensec Farm

Aside from the locations I mentioned above, there were other beautiful locations along the Solcava Panoramic Road. I’d for sure recommend it to anyone travelling this region and Slovenia. To miss this would be a real shame. If you want even more information about the road, I found a wealth of information at the Solcava Panoramic Road Website. I have a few more pictures of the road below.

solcava panoramic road

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