Goseong South Korea: Dinosaurs

Goseong, South Korea
Find traces of dinosaurs in beautiful Goseong, South Korea

Did you know that there are traces of dinosaurs that you can visit in Goseong, South Korea? In a few hours drive from Seoul, you can be walking among the dinosaur footprints in the rocks along the coast in Goseong county, part of South Gyeongsang province in South Korea.

According to Wikipedia, there have been over 4000 footprints recorded in the area and over 420 walking trails that the dinosaurs used.

To get there by public transport, the best way is to take a bus from the Seoul Nambu bus terminal to Goseong Intercity Terminal. Make sure you go to Goseong County in Gyeongsangnamdo and not the Goseong in Gangwondo. Buses depart about every hour. There are also buses from Daejeon, Daegu, Masan, Busan and Jinju with semi frequent timings.

*I would recommend, that if possible, take a car. Even though the bus network is good, Goseong County is a very large area and the places to visit are far apart. You will make much more of your time if you drive on your own.

So you may be wondering what is there to do and where should you stay. I would like to give you some ideas below.

For lodging, in the town of Goseong, you can find a variety of cheap motels like any other city, however, I would recommend instead of staying in the town, to head towards the coast and stay at an amazing guesthouse called Sichan’s Guesthouse. Visit their facebook page here. Or take a look at their location on Google Maps below:

Their rooms are dorm bed style and are a good budget option. The owner has a sailboat and sometimes takes his guests out on it. The location is perfect for sunset as it’s right along the ocean and is in a great location to visit the attractions nearby.

Sunset along the coast in Goseong, South Korea
Not even a 5 minute walk from Sichan’s and you can get this awesome sunset view!

Attractions Nearby:

  • Goseong Dinosaur Museum (Map)- Closer to the town of Samcheonpo than Goseong, this museum has everything you need to learn about the dinosaurs that roamed the land in this part of Korea. With interactive exhibits and plenty of model dinosaurs, it’s a great place for kids and families.
  • Sangjokam County Park (Map)- A beautiful coastal park which includes a section along the coast where you can see and walk among the dinosaur footprints. The park is named from the rock formations which look like table legs.
Dinosaur footprints
Dinosaur footprints in the rocks at Sangjokam County Park.
  • Geumjeongsan (Map)- If you want to be active during your visit to Goseong, you can drive to the trailhead of the nearby mountain called Geumjeongsan. The hike can be finished in a few hours and you will be rewarded with sweeping views of the town and coast and the many beautiful rice terraces that dot the area. Its highly recommended to come here in October or November, just before the fields are harvested.
Fields in Goseong, South Korea
A birds eye view of the rice terraces from the summit of Geumjeongsan

Did you know you could find dinosaur remnants in South Korea? Have you been here before? More questions about specifics of the location? Let us know in the comments section below!